The Five Aspects of Woman course presents five characteristics or aspects in the created design of woman. These aspects are:

  1. Mistress of the Domain: Woman is created in the image of God, equal to man in her humanity, and both are to rule the earth for God. God gives woman capabilities and responsibilities, and a domain to rule, subdue and make productive. Genesis 1.
  2. Helper-Completer: Woman is from the man and for the man, an indispensable helper without whom the man, his work, and the whole of creation are not complete. Genesis 2.
  3. Lifegiver: The woman gives life, not only through physical birth, but as a nurturer and encourager in relationships and in society as a whole. Genesis 3.
  4. Lady of Wisdom: Wisdom, personified as a woman in Proverbs, displays roles and patterns to be followed by all women. Proverbs 1-9.
  5. Glory of Man: Through her cooperation and respect for man, she brings glory to him as he in turn brings glory to God. 1 Corinthians 11; Ephesians 5.

Femininity and gender are complex subjects. We cannot sum up femininity with one verse on submission or another on equality. Even the key passages listed above are only starting points. We must draw upon the entire Word of God — His definitions, laws, narratives, and the repeated patterns we see throughout the Bible — and not only hear what God says when He defines woman, but also watch closely how He uses gender truth in His whole revelation.


Five Aspects of Woman is a “big picture” study of Biblical femininity. This 23 lesson study organizes the Bible’s teaching on women into five aspects and each is studied as God created it, as sin marred it, as Christ redeemed it, and as it applies to life now.

Join us in discovering God's truth specifically as it relates to woman.

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