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Downloadable audio files

Five Aspects of Woman course lessons. These are audio files of the lessons in the course. Transcripts of these lessons are in the course textbook.

Conference Talks
The following talks were given by Barbara Mouser at the “The Story of Five Aspects of Woman” Conference at Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, CA in June, 2008 and give an introduction to the Five Aspects of Woman.

Our Books

You can see the books ICGS offers by clicking on the Browse/Buy Products at ICGS tab at the top of this page.

Recommended Books by Others

  • What’s the Difference? by John Piper. An introduction to the definitions of manhood and womanhood and their differences.
  • The New Eve by Robert Lewis. A picture of what God intended for women from the beginning and a clear vision for how to make choices to live with purposeful direction.
  • Divine Design by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian. An eight-week study on biblical womanhood by Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss.
  • Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild by Mary Kassian. A comparison of the “girl-gone-wild” in Proverbs 7 with the Bible’s portrayal of a “girl-gone-wise.”

Recommended Websites

  • The original Five Aspects website and home site of ICGS. Additional information and materials from ICGS on topics such as masculinity, the seasons of life, and Biblical wisdom is available at this site.
  • News and daily encouragement from Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Revive Our Hearts.
  • Scholarly articles on gender and the Bible from the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.
  • Study notes prepared by Grace Bible Fellowship Church, Wallingford, PA for the Five Aspects material.

Prayer Cards

For ten years, ICGS produced yearly prayer challenges, called women to pray for men. Below are a few of those guides.

I do not believe there is any one thing that women can do to more glorify God, strengthen our nation, nurture our children, build up the church, expand missions, and fight the forces of evil than to pray for men in committed and preserving ways.

–Barbara Mouser

2010-2011 Prayer Card

Directions (for a one-sided printer):

  1. On card stock, print Page 1, then turn the sheet over, put it back in the printer and print Page 2.
  2. On regular paper, print Page 3, turn the sheet over, put it back in the printer, and print Page 4.
  3. Put booklet together so page numbers are in order. Fold in half and staple along the fold.

2010-2011 Prayer Card page files:

Page1     –Page2     –Page3     –Page4

2007 Prayer Card pages (in one pdf file):

2007 Prayer Card

Leader’s Resources

Resources for class leaders, such as sample Life Lessons and class ground rules, are on our Help For Leaders page.


Five Aspects of Woman is a “big picture” study of Biblical femininity. This 23 lesson study organizes the Bible’s teaching on women into five aspects and each is studied as God created it, as sin marred it, as Christ redeemed it, and as it applies to life now.

Join us in discovering God's truth specifically as it relates to woman.

Click here for a summary of the five aspects of woman presented in the course.

Our Main Product

Five Aspects of Woman Two Volume Set

Five Aspects of Woman Course (Volumes One and Two)

A Biblical Theology of Femininity
By Barbara K. Mouser




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