If you are new to the Five Aspects of Woman material, here are suggestions for how to get started:

  • Read the Course Description.
  • Browse the sample content available in the product descriptions of the course workbooks. Follow these two links, Five Aspects of Woman Volume One and Five Aspects of Woman Volume Two, which are the product descriptions in our Store, and click on the small page images underneath the cover photos.
  • Read the Course Structure and Guidelines.
  • Read What Women Are Saying and Endorsements on this site.
  • Listen to sample lessons. A good place to start is the Introduction to the Aspects (click here for the audio). Some other good samples would be Redeemed Mistress of the Domain (click here for audio), Created Helper Completer (click here for audio), and Redeemed Lifegiver (click here for audio).
  • Find out if there is a class in your area by contacting ICGS.
  • Order the material here. We strongly recommend completing the study yourself before attempting to lead a group through the study.


Five Aspects of Woman is a “big picture” study of Biblical femininity. This 23 lesson study organizes the Bible’s teaching on women into five aspects and each is studied as God created it, as sin marred it, as Christ redeemed it, and as it applies to life now.

Join us in discovering God's truth specifically as it relates to woman.

Click here for a summary of the five aspects of woman presented in the course.

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Five Aspects of Woman Course (Volumes One and Two)

A Biblical Theology of Femininity
By Barbara K. Mouser




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