This website ( has been developed by friends and supporters of the International Council for Gender Studies (ICGS). Bill and Barbara Mouser direct the organization and are the authors of Five Aspects of Woman and Five Aspects for Man. We believe the truths in these courses can be life changing, and our goal is to help promote the studies and enable their distribution.

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Five Aspects of Woman is a “big picture” study of Biblical femininity. This 23 lesson study organizes the Bible’s teaching on women into five aspects and each is studied as God created it, as sin marred it, as Christ redeemed it, and as it applies to life now.

Join us in discovering God's truth specifically as it relates to woman.

Click here for a summary of the five aspects of woman presented in the course.

Our Main Product

Five Aspects of Woman Two Volume Set

Five Aspects of Woman Course (Volumes One and Two)

A Biblical Theology of Femininity
By Barbara K. Mouser




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